PFC David Ybarra MS Participates in Annual Delta Area Parade

PFC David Ybarra MS Participates in Annual Delta Area Parade
Posted on 12/15/2014
PFC David Ybarra MS Participates in Annual Delta Area ParadeThe Annual Delta Area Christmas Parade was this past Saturday and PFC-DYMS was very well represented at it.  I believe there were over 20 floats and Ybarra MS had two of them. 

Ybarra MS also had around 55 students in our floats and everything was teacher made.  They gave out over $200 of candy to the children of Edcouch-Elsa and we had our students perform. 

We may not have won first place in the judges eyes but in all honesty, the community and our students are the ones who really won.   But the truth is, that we do it for the boys and girls of our great community Edcouch-Elsa.

A very special “Thank You” goes out to all the staff members who gave up their evenings last week to get the float out there.   Staff, without you it would not have been possible.  A “Thank You” goes out to Mr. Edward Rivera and Aubrey Rivera for getting the Semi-Tractor trailer rigs, the trailers themselves and the drivers. 

A very special “Thank You” also goes out to Mr. MAG Garza for putting it all together.  Mr. MAG spent countless evenings at the campus working and preparing the props.  It took a lot of work and dedication.  Thank you Margarito.  And also, a very heart felt “Thank You” goes out to Mrs. Angela Garza, for allowing her Husband (MAG) to spear head the creation of the float and for also spending countless nights here at the campus preparing the props.  Thank you all for all that you do for our kids.  You are truly and AWESOME staff and nobody could ask for a better group of people to work with.