LBJ Elementary Holds Student Council Elections

LBJ Elementary Holds Student Council Elections
Posted on 11/13/2014
LBJ Elementary Holds Student Council Elections

2014-2015 LBJ Elementary Student Council Elections

The year began with students electing their class representatives for 2014-2015 student council. As any election students gathered votes and delivered their speeches to all the students of L.B.J. Elections came to an end when students were able to cast their votes. 

The following are the LBJ Student Council for 2014-2015

Class Representatives:

3rd Grade:       Courtney Melgoza, Carmen Garcia, Analisa Pulido, Sierra Vargas, Cesar M. Perez, Fatima E. Maldonado Rios, Marissa Lopez, Andrew Noyola, Yaritza Paez, and Alec Salazar                                          

4th Grade:      Angelina Rodriguez, Jensen Saenz, Christopher Contreras, Felipe Moya, Nicole Sanchez, Abraham Sanchez, Tatiana Garcia, and David Pulido

5th Grade:      Isaac Campos, Haven Garza, Evelyn Mata, Freddy Gonzalez, Aaron Vallejo, Minerva Garcia, Josie Alvarado, and Javon Arias

LBJ Student Council Officers for 2014-2015:

President            Aaron Vallejo
Vice-President     Haven Garza
Secretary             Isaac Campos
Treasurer            Analisa Pulido