Hailey Villalpando - A Stingerette You Should Know

Hailey Villalpando - A Stingerette You Should Know
Posted on 10/14/2014
Hailey Villalpando - A Stngerette You Should Know

Many students at the end of the day look forward to some quiet and relaxing time at home, away from the grind of a long day at school. One of those students is 7th Grader Hailey Villalpando of Truan Junior High School.

However, Hailey's day does not end after school. Hailey is a member of the Stingerette 7th Grade A team and a member of the 7th Grade Stingerette Cross Country team. She, among several girls at Truan Junior High, is a multi-sport athlete who loves to compete.

What makes Hailey unique is that she excels at what she does. As a member of the cross country team, Hailey has placed 1st in every meet she has been this year. Also, as a member of the volleyball team, she has helped her teammates win two consecutive District Tournament Championships this year.

Hailey will also try out for the 7th grade Stingerette soccer, basketball, and track teams.

Hailey’s final volleyball game is today and she will compete at the District Cross Country Meet this Thursday at Mercedes Junior High.

We at Truan Junior High are proud to have Hailey and all those multi-sport girls who give their time and energy compete for our school. Great job girls!