JFK 1st Grade Students Learn About Fractions

JFK Elementary 1st Graders Learn About Fractions
Posted on 10/08/2014
JFK Elementary 1st Graders Learn About Fractions

Pizza Fraction Fun

First grade students in Mrs. Garcia’s class at JFK Elementary proudly showed off their end products after learning about fractions. They had the opportunity to take what they had learned and applied it to creating their own pizzas.  Students were actively engaged, demonstrated their creativity, and took charge of their own creations once their chef hats went on. 

In addition, students were able to follow up with a writing activity telling what they had learned about fractions and what kind of pizzas they had created.  Mrs. Garcia said of her students, “It’s exciting when I know my students have grasped a concept and all while having fun doing it.”  Hopefully, this fun activity will give students a little something to think about the next time they eat pizza.