Foxtrot Takes To The Skies

Foxtrot Takes To The Skies
Posted on 04/09/2014
Foxtrot Kite Takes To The Air

Just in time for National Fly-A-Kite month, Zoraida Alvarado and Patricia Ybarra collaborated to tie in multiple academic concepts and still managed to make learning fun!

Ybarra explained that the event was the final lesson in their aviation and aeronautics mini unit. "We learned all about Amelia Earhart and we even assigned them additional hands-on activities like making models of the Lockheed Model 10 airplane Earhart flew on her famous last venture.

The students, they explained, were so excited since most of them had never even flown a kite before!  Our DYMS backyard was a perfect size to accommodate these first time kite enthusiasts.

Alvarado added that it tied in nicely with their overall theme of superheroes. Rightly so, their rooms were covered in superhuman characters - with Amelia Earhart seen as a real life superhero.

Way to go teachers!