EE Band Earns Division 1

EE Band Earns Division 1
Posted on 10/24/2016
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By Kiana Castillo, Sting Reporter After three months of long summer days in the sun and practices ending at sundown, the Edcouch-Elsa Mighty Yellow Jacket Band earned a Division One at the 74th annual Pigksin Jubliee in Donna this past Saturday.

You could here a pin drop as the announcer prepared to announce the results to Edcouch-Elsa. There was silence even with a packed stadium from supporters from all over the Valley. The words 'Division' were followed by a long pause that had everyone on their toes. After what seemed like forever had passed the words to follow were 'Division One'.

"I was thinking that i'm glad we got four "ones" in all four years of my high school career," Drum Major Juan Zamarippa said. "I wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. I'm glad I was able to grow a bond with the other band members. We were close enough to be considered a family."

While the fans in the stands yelled their heart out, the band remained at attention in respect to the other bands who needed their ratings. Band directors went around the band giving them handshakes as some students started to cry. 

Once the words "detail at ease" were heard, the band members immediately started screaming and jumping from excitement. Tears, hugs, and a lot of yelling were shared among the students. Edcouch-Elsa Mighty Yellow Jacket Band celebrated their 4th consecutive Division One at Pigksin Jubliee. Once the tears and pictures were done the Yellow Jacket Drum line continued the fun with a cadence. Band members started to dance to the cadence as the rest of the night went on. Once the celebration was over the band member lined up and marched out of Donna LaPrade Stadium.