LBJ Elementary: Twist & Shout, Drugs are Out!

LBJ Elementary: Twist & Shout, Drugs are Out!
Posted on 10/07/2016
Twist & ShoultThe month of October is drug awareness month. This year's activities began with "Twist & Shout, Drugs are Out!" (50's Day). Students at LBJ dressed accordingly to show there support for drug awareness.

 Educators and parents should do their best to teach kids about drugs and why they are harmful. The more information children have about drugs, the better informed they will be if they’re ever presented with a situation where there is drug use around them. Students should also learn about the dangers that drug use can pose and the effects it has on the human brain and body.

Up coming activities:

Oct. 12 - Slam Dunk (wear athletic attire.)
Oct. 14 - I Choose to "BEE" drug-free (wear black /gold)
Oct. 18 - Lei off Drugs (Hawaiian Day)
Oct. 21 - Team Up Against Drugs (wear team jersey)
Oct. 24 - LBJ is "RED-Y" to live a Drug-Free Life (wear red)
Oct. 25 - I'm too "BRIGHT" for Drugs (wear neon clothing)
Oct. 26 - Join the Fight Against Drugs (wear camouflage)
Oct. 27 - Give Drugs the Boot (western day)
Oct. 31 - Say "BOO" to Drugs (wear Halloween costumes)