Truan JHS is Going Green

We Are Going Green!
Posted on 01/14/2014
Truan Starts Recycling Program

Carlos F. Truan Jr High School is going GREEN!!

AND We are asking everyone in the community to help us.

We are excited that our school has joined the recycling program with H-E-B and Enviro-Bag to help make our world a better place to live. This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids at our school to become more involved and learn the importance of recycling while at the same time generating some money for their school library.

The purpose of the program is to teach the full loop of recycling. Recycling is taking a used product and turning it into something new that can be used again, like ENVIRO-BAG® Trash Bags.

There are 3 simple steps we must follow to make this a successful program:

1- Save your H-E-B plastic grocery sack.  Please remove any paper, staples, etc  from the bags before sending them to the Carlos F. Truan Jr High School library.

2- The plastic grocery sacks are recycled into the Enviro-Bag Trash Bags.


Trash Bags are the end result of your collection efforts. When you purchase these bags at your local H.E.B. store, you close the recycling loop.