Cookin' Up Christmas Play

"Cookin' Up Christmas"
Posted on 12/23/2013
2013 JFK Elementary Christmas Play Performance

Thursday evening our John F. Kennedy Elementary Gifted and Talented Program presented their annual Christmas play.  This year’s Christmas musical was entitled “Cookin’ Up Christmas”. The play was about the annual choir (made up of GT students) Christmas party stirring up something new. Instead of the party being all about them, the choir members collected their favorite recipes from their church members and were cooking up some treats to share with the community.

Miss Paula Queen was played by Jolyssa Perez, Emerald Lasagna played by Juan Barrera, Betty Rocker played by Victoria Sandoval, Rachael Day played by Sydnee Mendoza, Bobby Grey played by Francisco Martinez, Martha Steward played by Abby Guerrero, Alfred Brown played by Miguel Luna cooked together, and wrap gifts.  In the midst of great teamwork they learned about the real “recipes” of Christmas: God’s love!  They also received a special appearance from the 3 Wise People played by Luis Hernandez, Fernando Quiroz and Natalie Venegas, along with the Angel Gabriel played by Andres Rubio.  Also appearing were Joseph played by Ricky Luna and Mary played by Jasmin Lopez.  The Church Choir was played by 3rd, 2nd and 1st Grade Gifted and Talented Students. Sound and Music specialist was Adrian Salinas and the play was directed by Alexis Rodriguez-Cantu. 

The play also included 2 special acts. Opening was Genesis Nava singing, “Where Are You Now” by Faith Hill and our very own JFK Shooting Stars dancing “Cookin’ Up Christmas”. 

A special thanks goes to Mr. Perez for filming and placing the video recording on line on
 where you may view the entire play.

The entire program was directed by Mrs. Emeteria S. Farias, GT teacher.