Dia de Cultura - Carlos F. Truan JHS

1st Annual Dia de Cultura - Truan JHS
Posted on 11/06/2013
Dia de Cultura

CFT Jr. High School
1st Annual Dia de Cultura Celebration

December 20, 2013

The Students, Staff, Parents, and Community are invited to attend this great celebration of our Hispanic culture. Live Music and lots of food will be provided.

We are in need of assistance from the parents and community to help us prepare various dishes for students to try. We need tamales, beans, rice, tacos, and all sorts of food for our students to sample. Showcase your cooking talents and old family recipes.

If you are willing to help volunteer to either help with booths, cook, or give donations, please contact Mr. Rogelio Garza at 262-5820.

We wish to make this event a great event showcasing our culture.