Community and Student Engagement Ratings Criteria (CASE)

 Lydia Gonzalez

 Edcouch-Elsa Academy Director
Mrs. Lydia Gonzalez

Edcouch-Elsa Academy
P.O. Box 127 Edcouch, Texas 78538   Office: 956-262-6944   Fax: 956-262-9018

E-E Academy is a self-paced academic center that assists students to learn, grow and become successful members of the community.


Our goal is to provide students the opportunity of successfully completing high school requirements in a non-traditional school environment. EE Academy is a high school program of choice offered to all Edcouch-Elsa ISD high school students who qualify and wish to attend. We welcome students who are eager to earn a diploma while fulfilling their responsibilities as parents, providers for their families, or reprioritizing their lifestyles due to extenuating circumstances. 



Edcouch-Elsa Academy offers an environment that is different from the current high school structure.


To be considered for enrollment, we consider the following factors:

•           Motivation

•           Commitment to attend our program daily

•           Ability to work at an accelerated pace

•           Have earned 7 or more credits

•           Be a minimum of TWO years behind your graduation track

•           Students attempting at least their third year of high school

•           At-Risk and in need of Credit Recovery

•           Students in need of early graduation



Our staff is dedicated to you and will help guide you every step of the way to ensure your success. 



Lydia Gonzalez

Academy Administrator

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